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Our Story


KinnRidge Mobile Phlebotomy is a small mobile phlebotomy company based in Eden Prairie Minnesota. Brion, the founder, owner and sole phlebotomist of Kinnridge has over 15 years of experience of practicing phlebotomy in many different environments such as mobile phlebotomy, hospitals, and private labs. Brion has taken his versatile experience and created his own company with his own vision to serve his community with comfort, compassion and respect; something that he feels is essential for patients when getting their blood drawn.

While KinnRidge is a newer company, established in 2023, it is with that experience and vision comes great confidence that your phlebotomy experience will be as professional and easy as humanly possible. As of now, KinnRidge is proudly partnered with various laboratories to handle all of your testing and results.

To get started, click on "Order Labs" and follow the 3 easy steps to get labs ordered and get yourself scheduled! We look forward to seeing you!

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